NexPlayer SDK for Xbox & PlayStation

Bring your video apps into the most popular gaming consoles

Our Player SDK for Xbox and PlayStation is a fully customizable media player that offers 4K streaming and the most advanced capabilities for any video app. Premium OTT services can now provide an outstanding user experience thanks to an advanced feature set including dynamic server and client-side ad insertion with technologies like VMAP, VAST, VPAID. The player includes support for DRM content protection and all subtitles and closed captioning formats. Have you tried native players and you need to go beyond that basic technology? Nexplayer SDK is developed to reduce engineering time and costs. You can try it out for as long as you need.

NexPlayer SDK for Xbox and PlayStation Apps? Game on!

Time to bring your apps also into Xbox and PlayStation devices? Worried about lack of native players support? We solve all player limitations in those devices and provide 24/7 support as well as any kind of player customization you might need. Check the table below for some of our advantages with respect to the native players.

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(SSAI) Server Side Ad Insertion with Ad Related Events Report
New SSAI Ad Insertion Methods like AWS Media Tailor
(CSAI) Client Side Ad Insertion with VAST, VMAP, VPAID
Advanced API to Control Server Side Ad Insertion/Events
External Subtitles (WebVTT) and Rendering + Fully Customizable Fonts
Dynamic & Static Thumbnails
Advanced Player Analytics Reporting
Preferred Audio Codec (prioritize the audio codec that is wanted to be used)

Features Overview

Easy to Integrate

Our Player for Xbox and PlayStation is easy to embed into any app. We include a sample app in the source code

Premium Video Playback

Best in-class video quality, market proven

DRM Content Protection

HW-boosted DRM Support

Content Monetization

Fully compatible with the most popular Ad Insertion solutions for client-side (VMAP, VAST, VPAID), and server-side ads

Subtitles and Closed Captioning

NexPlayer for Xbox & PlayStation supports the latest subtitles and closed captioning formats (CEA 608/708, WebVTT and TTML among others)

360 Video

Live and VOD VR streaming supported

Customized Technical Support

24/7 multichannel customer support and customization with the fastest response times


Fully compatible and pre-integrated with the most popular analytics solutions (Conviva, NPAW and Agama)

Advanced Playback Capabilities

ID3 tags, dynamic thumbnails, time-shifting, multiple audio/video tracks...

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