Videon and NexPlayer Help Opera Houses Live Stream Around the World

Amidst a global pandemic, theatres, opera houses, and other cultural venues around the world have had to drop the curtain on their live performances. For many that enjoy the opera, ballet and musical theatre, it has become a painful reality that flies in the face of the industry’s mantra that “The Show Must Go On”.

Many who have looked into implementing a high-quality live stream alternative have quickly realized the challenge, for both its perceived complexity as well as its costly investment.

To solve this problem, Videon and NexPlayer have developed a quick, easy and affordable workflow for opera houses, theatres and other cultural venues to live stream performances to viewers around the world.

A prime example is the Vienna State Opera, one of the most prestigious opera houses in the world, who use NexPlayer to provide reliable broadcast-quality playback for over 45 opera and ballet performances each season.

Even during the pandemic, viewers from around the world have been able to enjoy 4K quality content from the comfort of their homes using the Vienna State Opera Tizen app on their Samsung SmartTVs.

Videon’s award-winning EdgeCaster also enabled Taipei Opera to broadcast a historic performance that was cancelled earlier in the year due to Covid-19.

The Taiwan premiere of “El amor brujo” (a ballet) and “La vida breve” (an opera) by Spanish composer Manuel de Falla was to be held at Taiwan’s national opera house in March, 2020.

Videon’s advanced encoders integrated with NexPlayer’s MultiView feature allows broadcasters to display up to 5 simultaneous live streams to viewers with frame-accurate video synchronization within the same player frame. This setup allows each remote audience member to select their preferred camera view during the live event.

Videon and NexPlayer were focused on making the technology simple to integrate, and yet sophisticated that non-technical people such as an Opera conductor or staff can operate the equipment and provide a world-class experience.

Amidst the pandemic, the Taipei Opera staff was able to successfully livestream the opera which has been enjoyed by over fifty thousand viewers to date, who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to attend such an event.

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