NexPlayer, AWS Elemental and Videon Release Sub 3-Seconds Ultra Low Latency for HLS & DASH

Madrid, Sept. 14, 2019NexPlayer  and Videon today unveiled support for low latency and synchronization of over-the-top (OTT) video arrival times for all end-users. This workflow features interoperability between NexPlayer’s Android & iOS player SDKs, AWS Elemental MediaStore and Amazon CloudFront, and Videon’s Edge Compute Encoders.


By leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS), NexPlayer and Videon can utilize standards-based HLS and DASH streaming to achieve less than 3 second low latency from camera to display and synchronized delivery across platforms. This structure is compatible with existing video workflows, whereas proprietary approaches require CDN customizations or point-to-point protocols that do not scale very well.


NexPlayer is the leading multiscreen media player providing high-quality playback on every device and some of the most advanced features needed for premium OTT services. One such feature is Widevine DRM on all Android & iOS devices. NexPlayer owns and controls 100% of its source code, unlike open source-based solutions which are unable to optimize at a bit-and-byte level. This allowed NexPlayer to work very closely with Videon and AWS on deep enhancements that provide lower latency and greater stability.


Videon’s Edge Compute Encoder platform moves compute and time-intensive cloud processes like transcoding, transrating, and format packaging to the edge. Videon’s Edge Compute Encoder platform reduces latency by outputting HLS and DASH directly from the encoder. Extending these features to include integration with NexPlayer adds another level of capability thanks to NexPlayer’s device synchronization technology. 


“Now customers can have a seamless experience thanks to what we’ve developed using AWS Elemental and NexPlayer,” says Todd Erdley, CEO of Videon. “We allow each piece of the workflow to excel by encoding on the edge, not in the cloud. Our hardware can handle the computationally intense processes and let the cloud handle storage and distribution.”


“Streaming video traditionally has had glass to glass latency of between 15 and 45 seconds, which is not suitable for live entertainment content nor interactive use cases,” says Carlos Lucas, General Manager of NexPlayer. “Video service providers that require better than broadcast latency can now rest easy with a reliable architecture from NexPlayer and Videon, using AWS.”


About Videon
Videon Central is a cutting-edge developer of 4K and HD encoding and streaming products that enable prosumers and professionals to move media from any source to any screen. While the company’s streaming systems enable simpler, more economical streaming of high-quality video, its modules and services help manufacturers bring their products to fruition. Through partnerships with leading silicon and software companies, Videon technology has been incorporated into over 30 million devices. Videon simply moves media.