Premium Player SDK for Smart TV Video Apps


NexPlayer Supports all Smart TVs including Android TV, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS

Securing your Smart TV app video content with

Samsung Tizen

NexPlayer is the only player recommended by Samsung and can be easily integrated into any Tizen Smart TV app. By supporting all Tizen Smart TV models, our player SDK allows you to reach more viewers and increase your subscriber base.


NexPlayer is easily integrated into any LG WebOS Smart TV app, streamlining the go-to-market process. Protect your content with Hollywood grade DRM and add third-party solutions with ease. NexPlayer is compatible with modules providing analytics, ad-insertion, advanced audio, watermarking, and other unique services.

NexPlayer Android player SDK

Android TV & Set-Top-Box

NexPlayer SDK is optimized for every Android TV & STB, providing hardware-boosted playback and continual upgrades so legacy devices are compatible with the latest technology. The number of Android TV users has doubled in the past year, so tapping into this market is more important than ever.

Develop your Tizen Smart TV app offering the best quality

OTT service providers such as Bell media, already benefit from utilizing NexPlayer SDK, offering their viewers the best streaming and playback video quality in Tizen applications.

Match the quality of your content, start offering a professional, reliable, and broadcast-quality playback experience across all Samsung Tizen Smart TVs with premium features like ad insertion or closed captioning, all in a fully customizable user interface.

Tizen player

100% Content Protection

As a Certified Widevine Implementation Partner we offer integration of your player with Google Widevine and other legacy DRM solutions, to provide the best protection for your content.

Content Monetization

Integrate pre, mid, post roll ads into your video content. Our NexPlayer Smart TV player SDK enables the most popular ad insertion formats including VAST, VPAID and VMAP.

NexPlayer Tizen subtitles and multiple audio tracks

Premium Content for Everyone

Deliver content in several languages and expand your market size by allowing multiple audio/video tracks and the most popular subtitles and closed captions within your Smart TV app.

24/7 Customer Support

NexPlayer is well known for its fast, customized and multichannel technical support. Our team will always be there to help if any issues arise.

Dynamic Roadmap

Service providers can request additional features when needed, offering them flexibility when it becomes necessary to support new use cases. Our customers define our roadmap.