Nextreaming Powers HBO GO™ Mobile Application with NexPlayer™

Nextreaming, the leading provider of mobile multimedia software, announced the integration of the NexPlayer™ media player into the popular HBO GO™ Android mobile applications. NexPlayer™ has successfully secured the optimal video and music experience for users of the new HBO streaming services on most Android smartphones. In only six months, it has already been downloaded several million times worldwide.

Nextreaming´s advanced player technology, including the latest mobile codecs and protocols, is based on extensive experience in the industry, powering more than one hundred million handset units with the well-known product, NexPlayer™. With the integration of this media player into the HBO GO™ Android Application, Nextreaming continues to enhance the user experience of a growing customer base and leads the market, supplying value-added media players to broadcasters, mobile operators, and service providers.

Dr Il-Taek Lim, CEO of Nextreaming, said: “We are proud to continue offering the highest quality user experience possible to HBO´s mobile Android audience. Nextreaming looks forward to building more long-term partnerships with other influential content providers and to exploring the further possibilities of the emerging downloadable market. We continually strive to maximize customer satisfaction. I expect that the emerging downloadable application market becomes a new engine for the company’s long-term growth.”

Link to official Press Release

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