PlayStation and Xbox

NexPlayer SDK for Xbox and PlayStation Apps? Game On!

Over the years, many streaming video services have been deployed on iOS, Android, Desktop PC, Tizen, WebOS and proprietary platforms (e.g. Roku). This makes sense as these platforms dominate the market and will continue to do so.

However, one platform that has been somewhat overlooked but gaining market share is the Game Console. Both Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are now garnering more attention as more are being sold and their ability to host Streaming Applications has grown.

Consolidated Support for Gaming and Video Streaming

Newer generations of game consoles generations provide support for up to 8k UHD resolution and faster screen response time. These features are supported by more powerful processors than ordinarily found in Smart TVs and STBS. Demand by gamers for cutting edge performance requires state-of-the-art hardware that also benefits the multimedia experience.

In 2017, 88,6% of console owners were subscribed to at least one OTT service. This shows that the gaming consoles demographic is also interested in online video content. In addition, in many cases, it has been seen that gaming consoles are the primary method for accessing OTT video platforms. The use of gaming consoles as OTT platforms will continue to grow even more as new console generations are deployed.

Video game consoles such as the PS5 will have top streaming apps at pre-installed which. Means that these devices are already designed for alternative media consumption.
For example, PS5 includes the Apps for Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Spotify and others.

Another indicator towards consolidation of video game consoles with OTT video platforms is the creation of a multimedia controller for PS5.

This now tool will improve the user experience on these devices by providing dedicated buttons that directly access streaming video Apps.

The NexPlayer Advantage

Nexplayer, based on the HTML5 industry standard, has enabled/implemented many features on Xbox and PlayStation 4/5 that native players do not support such as:

  • Client side ad insertion support like VAST, VMAP, VPAID (native players support only server side).

  • Added Advanced API to control the server side ad insertion/events.

  • Fully customizable UI.

  • External subtitles (WebVTT) and rendering + fully customizable font (native player supports only internal subtitle, if the contend doesn’t include subtitles, no subtitle, we solved this problem).

  • Dynamic & static thumbnail support.

  • Advanced analytics.

NexPlayer SDK offers a uniform API for all platforms. It has been completely designed and developed by us and is not based on open-source code like most other players on the market. This means that there are no dependencies on any 3rd party SW and allows us to control the functionality of the entire SW stack. New features, updates and upgrades can be added very quickly thereby reducing time to market.

NexPlayer provides expert engineering resources that offer:

  1. Comprehensive set of market-driven high-quality player features that enable:

    • Modular, scalable SW stack without dependencies on open-source

    • Industry-standard streaming protocols / DRM / subtitling formats across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, TVOS, Smart TV, STB Game Consoles

    • Extensive device reach / backwards compatibility

    • Offline Playback

    • Low-Latency

    • Multi-viewer sync

  2. Expertise and quick turnaround time to response to questions and issues

  3. Custom development for emerging features and requirements

  4. Integrated support for 3rd -party Analytics reporting services

  5. Support for Industry-Standard Ad-Insertion Playback


A key consideration for game consoles is that of support. Game Console player development is provided by the manufacturers working at their own speed and based on their own priorities. This might result in varying degrees of player evolution with respect to supporting some stream configurations, sets of features and fixes that may or may not be integrated. On the flip side, certain features can be dropped as well with little warning thus impacting overall playback experience. In addition the focus of game consoles is not on streaming video quality but on gaming video.
Game Console Project Management is controlled by the manufacturer who controls the integration process. Therefore, support for adding new code may not be forthcoming. The status of functionality, that is, what is kept or removed in the native game console video player is controlled by the manufacturer and there is no guarantee that a feature that is present today, might not be removed tomorrow.
One factor that might affect the ubiquitous deployment of streaming video services on these platforms could be that Sony’s and Microsoft’s developer support is focused on gaming and not streaming video services. Vendors for Application Development, DRM and Video Players may find it somewhat difficult to establish partnerships with both of those manufacturers which inhibits their ability to get the necessary SDKs and
documentation that allows porting of streaming services to the devices.
Game console manufacturers do not provide roadmaps and a version of a game console player today does not provide assurances that in the future it has the features and compatibility with new OS versions. Sony and Microsoft might also deploy new OS versions that can have a negative impact on existing versions of media players.
So the next time you are considering which player partner to use, choose Nexplayer and then you can also say: Game On!