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NexPlayer and Videon Achieve Compatibility for Ultra Low Latency Streaming

In collaboration with AWS Elemental and Videon, NexPlayer is able to produce sub 3-seconds ultra low latency in both HLS & DASH streams with universal Widevine DRM. This is done by using CMAF Low Latency Chunks (LLC) and optimizing the player at a local level by managing buffering and chunk sizes using NexPlayer’s proprietary streaming algorithm.

NexPlayer integration with Widevine DRM

NexPlayer can now be fully pre-integrated with Widevine DRM. You can stream your secured HLS and DASH content to all iOS and Android devices with the premium quality and advanced feature set you trust. This is a market proven solution that many of our customers and partners are taking advantage of to simplify DRM protection.

Conviva Integration with NexPlayer

NexPlayer is fully compatible and pre-integrated with Conviva analytics across all platforms. This pre-integration delivers a fully optimized solution that allows NexPlayer to sent video playback events extracted by Conviva in the form of precise analytics about the way customers engage with the video content. Click learn more to see a sample demo code of the integration of our HTML5 player and Conviva.

NexPlayer integration with Yospace

NexPlayer is pre-integrated with Yospace’s Dynamic Ad Insertion platform. Replace ads with relevant ones targeted to ensure relevancy to your send users, and create an improved OTT video experience to end-customers and advertisers alike.

NexPlayer fully compatible with Wowza

NexPlayer is fully compatible with Wowza’s server side solution. Create an end-to-end live HLS/DASH streaming solution with high video quality and all the playback capabilities of NexPlayer SDK.

Amazon Fling SDK integration with NexPlayer SDK

The Amazon Fling SDK can be pre-integrated with NexPlayer SDK. Video service providers with an Amazon Fire TV app integrating NexPlayer SDK can allow their end users to mirror their content directly from their smartphone into their TV Screen.