Low Latency Player

Achieve low latency streaming in your OTT apps

In the world of live streaming, it’s important to make sure that your subscribers can view your content as close to real-time as possible. While linear TV (traditional broadcasting) normally has a latency between 3 and 5 seconds, the latency of OTT streams can range anywhere from 30 seconds to a full minute depending on the number of viewers. For fans who are watching their favorite team play live or avid social media users who need to comment on breaking news, that just doesn’t cut it. No one wants to receive a notification on their phone or hear someone cheering 30 seconds before actually seeing the game-winning score on their device.

The NexPlayer Low Latency Player addresses latency issues faced by media companies everywhere. This Low Latency Player is perfect for live streaming sports, news, e-commerce, lectures, and more so that your users can enjoy live content even sooner than people watching live TV via cable or satellite. NexPlayer accomplishes this by supporting CMAF Low Latency Chunks (LLC) and optimizing the player at a purely local level to manage buffering and chunk sizes with a unique methodology. This player is also compatible with any HLS or DASH standard stream, unlike other solutions that apply proprietary encoding formats to achieve similar or worse results. NexPlayer’s unparalleled IP is the result of years of R&D focused on creating a one-of-a-kind product that can help any business with its streaming needs.

Low Latency Player


Outdated technologies like RTP/RTSP and WebRTC cannot be used for mobile delivery because they do not support adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR), but NexPlayer’s new ABR-enabled low latency player provides smooth and crystal clear video across all devices. NexPlayer’s ABR technology adjusts the resolution based on network conditions and available bandwidth to ensure very little buffering and rapid start times, whether the connection is strong or weak. Unlike other solutions that require you to use their entire end-to-end platform, NexPlayer supports open standards so that it can work with any headend to process content and deliver it to the viewer in an instant.

The latency problem looms larger than ever for anyone hoping to provide their customers with live streams. As much as 50% of latency occurs at the player level, so having a player that is configured for low latency is essential when trying to match or beat traditional broadcasting speeds. NexPlayer is fully optimized for low latency, and is the only player offering such minimal latency for live content without sacrificing video quality. Unique approaches to reducing latency can also be implemented by NexPlayer on a case-by-case basis, since its video player SDKs are not based on open source technology. Contact us now and we will make sure your viewers never miss a thing.


Features Overview

HLS & DASH Live Streaming

Live streaming using HLS & DASH with CMAF Low Latency Chunks and local player optimizations

Intelligent ABR

Not possible with older Low Latency technologies

Faster than Linear TV

Beats traditional broadcasting speeds (5 to 7 seconds)


plus all the features and capabilities of NexPlayer SDK

Easy to Integrate

Very easy to integrate into any Android or iOS app.

Solves the Device Fragmentation Problem

One player and feature set for all devices and OS versions

Highest Video Quality

Your OTT content with HW-boosted HD video quality 

Latest Codecs and Formats

Supporting H265, H264 Baseline/Main/High Profile, AAC...

Fully Customizable

Customizable feature set and API 

All Subtitle and Closed Captioning Formats

Supporting CEA 608/708, TTML, 3GPP, WebVTT, SMI, SRT, SUB and more

Multiple Integrated Add-ons

Fully compatible with third party solutions: Audio (DTS, Dolby), Analytics (Conviva, Agama), Ad Insertion (VAST, Yospace, Freewheel)...

DRM Content Protection

Compatible with Widevine DRM and any other DRM solution

Customized Technical Support

24/7 fastest and multichannel customer support

And Much More!

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