HLS Player SDK for Windows Phone 8 Released by NexPlayer

NexStreaming HLS media player SDK has been released for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 RT applications.

NexStreaming (KOSDAQ:139670), leading provider of mobile player SDKs, announced the release of the famous NexPlayer SDK now also for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT applications.
NexPlayer SDK is well known because, when integrated into mobile applications, it enables a premium HLS streaming service, with the latest features, in all Android tablets or mobile phones at once.

With this new product, NexStreaming extends the support for Android devices not only with the support of iOS and Windows8 mobile devices but also with the support of Windows 8 RT tablets and Windows 8 desktop devices. This will allow video service providers to offer their services with the same features and quality to any customer not only using any mobile phone or tablet but now also using desktop devices or computers.

Again, NexPlayer SDK solves the issue of the fragmentation of devices in terms of OS versions and device capability to enjoy video services everywhere. NexPlayer SDK minimizes the cost of the server management, which can be reused for all devices, and it secures the best time to market to launch multiscreen video applications.

NexStreaming´s player SDK for Android, Windows 8 and iOS supports HLS streaming and the latest features such as subtitles, offline HLS, closed captioning and time shifting. It can be as before very easily integrated into any mobile application.

Dr Il-Taek Lim (NexStreaming CEO) said: ”We are pleased to enhance our multiscreen value proposition with this new player SDK for Windows 8 applications.”

Link to official Press Release

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