The Premium Multiscreen Player SDK for Video Apps

Now also available on Nintendo Switch™!

The Premium Multiscreen Player SDK for Video Apps

Now also available on Nintendo Switch™!








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Fire TV

Fire TV


Nintendo Switch™





Widevine on all Android & iOS devices | 24/7 customer support | Not based on open source

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Passion for High Quality Video Services

NexPlayer is the leading media player for premium OTT video apps offering the best streaming and playback video quality across any device.

For almost two decades NexPlayer has worked with the biggest names in entertainment to help them solve the problem of device fragmentation; offering unprecedented control that ensures viewers have the highest quality, most secure and reliable playback experience across all of their devices.

At NexPlayer, we share our customers’ Passion for High Quality Video Services.

Custom Video Player Development

NexPlayer owns 100% of it’s code base, which enables us to develop custom features for Premium Video Services to quickly and reliably embed new functionality into their OTT video services and apps.

NexPlayer develops unique features like MultiView that provides the industry’s only MultiStream solution for Android, iOS and HTML5 SDKs so viewers can enjoy multiple live events in real-time across devices.

Why do Premium OTT Providers choose NexPlayer?

For Premium Video Services
Focused exclusively on Premium Video Player development across devices.

Full Control of the Code
Developed 100% in-house and not based on risky open-source technology.

We Don’t Gather User Data
We value your user privacy and don’t collect or use your end user’s data.

Experienced Engineers
Our customers drive our latest innovations with a fast time to market.

24/7 Premium Support
Customer success is our top priority and renowned by leading OTT providers.

One Player SDK for All Devices and Platforms

NexPlayer has over 15 years of experience working with the biggest names in entertainment and broadcasting to solve the problem of device fragmentation for video streaming and playback. NexPlayer’s multiscreen player is integrated into the apps and websites of OTT services to enable high-quality, secure and stable playback experience of HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming across all devices

Smartphones & Tablets
Supports all Android and iOS devices and OS versions.

Smart TVs
Supports all Android TV, Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS Smart TV models.

Gaming Consoles, STBs and Dongles
Supports Android STBs, Android TV, Fire TV’s, xBox and PS with advanced CC and Ad insertion.

HTML5 Web Browsers
Support for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, IE and Opera.

Latest Solutions

Multi-Stream Synchronization

MultiView allows broadcasters to display up to 5 simultaneous live streams to viewers with video synchronization across devices.

Nexplayer Last Solution

Widevine DRM

NexPlayer SDKs are pre-integrated with Widevine DRM support for both HLS and DASH on all Android and iOS devices; enabling OTT Providers to only have to support one DRM solution.

Nexplayer DRM

Low Latency

With our Low Latency Player, your users will enjoy live content faster than people watching live broadcast television at home.

Nexplayer Low Latency

HTML5 Player

The NexPlayer HTML5 player enables HLS and MPEG-DASH streaming across all browsers and devices with an advanced feature set including subtitles, analytics support, DRM content protection, time-shifting and more.

Nexplayer HTML5

NexPlayer SDK for Xbox & PlayStation

Easy to Integrate
Our Player for Xbox and PlayStation is easy to embed into any app. We include a sample app in the source code.

Content Monetization
Fully compatible with the most popular Ad Insertionsolutions for client-side (VMAP, VAST, VPAID), and server-side ads.

Fully compatible and pre-integrated with the most popular analytics solutions (Conviva, NPAW and Agama).

DRM Content Protection
HW-boosted DRM Support.

Customized Technical Support
24/7 multichannel customer support and customization with the fastest response times.

Widevine DRM Content Protection

Now you can have NexPlayer fully pre-integrated with Widevine DRM. You can stream your Widevine-secured HLS and DASH content to all iOS or Android devices, with the premium quality and advanced feature set you trust. Our Widevine player works across all Android & iOS devices and versions without exception, making it the most powerful solution on the market.

24/7 Customer Support

NexPlayer’s 24/7 technical support is renowned by the largest OTT services in the world. Customer success is our top priority, and our experts react very quickly to customer requests keeping our player updated with the latest highly customizable feature set, including our in-house developed ABR algorithms and extensive DRM support.

Nexplayer Support

NexPlayer Developed 100% In-House

Nexplayer Support

Unlike alternative solutions, we are proud to say that our player SDKs are not based on risky open-source technology.


NexPlayer’s code is 100% developed and controlled by our engineers, so we do not collect your end user’s data and we can quickly bring new features to your OTT service.